Within the exhibition, An Architecture of Encounters - Home for Lazy Action, organized by Mitchel Breed and Pim Tieland and made possible by the Mondriaan Fund, artists Fiona Mackey and Eva Spieringen and I were asked to do a series of experimental drawing sessions during which the drawing action blurs the boundary between audience and artist. At the exhibition, the drawing audience, including the invited artists, could take a seat at large drawing tables in the exhibition space.


I created a performance for the drawing session in which the passing time was made tangible and she herself became an hourglass. From some twenty heavy cloth balls attached to her body, sand slowly ran away, spreading on the ground and gradually changing the space. My body grew lighter by the second so that I could playfully show how time manifests itself in space. The artists recorded my changing body in space from moment to moment and each in their own unique way.


I see drawing as accelerated documentation of time and an opportunity for everyone to capture space in their own way. The drawings made during the performance show how diverse the audience perceived Hourglass. The drawings later became part of the exhibition.


Camera: Clementine van der Bent