Wind Travelling is an experience created for the public. With this performance, Clarinde Wesselink wants to give people an opportunity to rediscover a place through a new experience. One that invites you to take the time and focus your attention so as to redefine the space and yourself in it together with


We can visit all the places in the world in an imaginary way, via Instagram, Pinterest or Google Earth, but do we really experience that we are there? When we actually take a city trip we often take the same photos as everyone else and our thoughts are often elsewhere. In the future city that Utrecht is building artist Wesselink, together with the new residents, looks for sensory experiences that are unique to a place.


The new part of Utrecht is literally built over the A2 highway, which ensures that there almost always are strong winds present. Precisely because of this Wesselink saw a possibility to ground Utrechtians in their new place. In a new body - wrapped in a specially designed wind suit - you experience the terrain of RAUM and the power of the wind that blows through Leidsche Rijn. One thing is certain: What you experience while Wind Travelling cannot be reproduced. Clarinde Wesselink designed 13 different wind costumes for this performance. Each costume brings with it a different experience of the wind.


In the performance, Wesselink tries to reduce the boundary between maker and spectator, or even temporarily remove it. The responsibility that the spectators have during Wind Travelling, through play elements, gives them a profound feeling and the experience that they are part of the performance itself. As a visual artist, Wesselink is constantly researching how people experience physical spaces and social structures constructing social spaces: ‘Everyone who is in space is part of the space and makes it the way it is.’


Production assistance: Anne van Balen and Pernilla Philip

Public guidance: Thijs Bloothoofd, Ella Jonker, Suzanne Schaaf

Photography: Mariska Kerpel & Clemetine van de Bent


Elise Mathilde Fondsvoor Cultuurparticipatie, BPD Cultuurfonds, K.F. Hein FondsenRAUM is kindly supported by the Municipality of Utrecht, Fonds.