The Wouter Sluis pumping station is almost entirely made of glass and it was precisely in that curious building that the Water Workers II performance took place: An interactive, physical performance in which you experience the power of water and see the flexibility of people. During Water Workers II visitors experience the velocity of water. On their heads, they have transparent, cylindrical barrels, half-filled with water. The barrels are connected by long, transparent tubes. When a person moves down towards the ground the water from the other barrel starts to flow towards their head. Sometimes soft and slightly bubbling, sometimes with a lot of swirling, and sometimes the water splashes violently in the barrels as it flows from one person to another.


Performers: Ella Jonker, Vera Slot, Marthy Hecker, Nora Tinholt, Mireia Izquierdo de Benito and Iris van Vliet.