Koptekst 1

Water Workers


This is a dance installation in which six dancers let themselves be carried away by the movements of water. A soft plastic cylindrical bag filled with water is attached to the head of each dancer. As soon as the dancers move the water moves. But water moves very differently from us. Water moves slower, but also responds to everything. Even when the dancers try to stand still there is vibration on the surface of the water and that in turn influences their movements. In the performance a way of communicating and moving is necessary that is related to the uniqueness of the substance water.

The applications that Wesselink adds to the human body, such as the plastic water bags from Water Workers, are a common characteristic of her work. Wesselink sees them as poetic prostheses on the body. She makes the prostheses because she believes that they help you to see and experience the body, space and people around you in a different way. They help to generate new experiences without having to travel to a new place or meet other people.

During the research of Water Workers the Movement Research Center in New York became interested in her project. She was invited to show her research. The performance was performed by 6 performers from The Netherlands, with whom Clarinde Wesselink had worked for six months, in the Judson Church in Manhattan. The Water Workers performance was then included in a documentary about the Judson Church.

Performers: Tex Hobijn, Ella Jonker, Len van Pillen, Imola Nagy and Vera Slot

Production assistant: Anne van Balen


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