And no one minded that nothing mattered or meant.


[...] words

Entered the dancing-space and made it song.

Though the divine had gone, yet there was then

The keenest human intuition of

Its hiding from us one dimension past

What the five senses could receive or send.


                                   Howard Nemerov

                                    "The Four Ages"




2017 | Nieuw Dakota, Amsterdan

performance | 20 minutes



'The feeling of this appearance is comparable to encountering and looking at a wild animal. You are suddenly dependent on each other for a moment, your safety is directly connected to the other. Your own behavior could directly affect the other's movements. Exciting. The room was quiet. From the moment the performance started the audience literally stopped in their tracks'

Marieke Schoonderbeek

Swivel was specially designed by Clarinde Wesselink and was performed by her and Janne Bless for the opening of Mirador del Silica, the exhibition by Marieke Schoonderbeek and Eva Pel. It is a harbinger of their One-Man-10-Days-Settlement -29°13 project on the Canary Island Lanzarote. In her work Wesselink is always looking for those moments where creation is possible and becomes tangible, but hasn’t yet manifested itself into something definable. Just as writer Arnon Grunberg will have to do on that volcanic island, the two performers in Swivel try to create something new with simple, elementary means by discovering an as yet unknown space, both for themselves and for the audience. Wesselink's performance starts and ends with the landscape that plays such a prominent part in the exhibition.

The place where the settlement is built is present like twilight, just as a video of a sandy plain on Lanzarote and the woolen rugs that are spread out like a landscape on the floor. In addition to (those objects in) the landscape, it is also possible for visitors to look further into the distance and see the sea everywhere as a dark plain. The performers move cautiously through the landscape, aware of the transparent white spheres that they carry with them. The subtle collisions of the crystal marbles resound in the landscape if you listen carefully and the reflection of the light brings new sensations and associations with it. Both chance and deliberate action move the performers forward in new ways. They delay time, for themselves and for the audience, which has to wait until the creation has taken on a fixed form or pattern. Swivel too will not leave any traces in Nieuw Dakota, but will linger in the minds of visitors as musical echoes; just as the words of the writer will last, from a wide, new perspective.


Click here for Clementine van der Bent’s video documentation.
Performers: Janne Bless and Clarinde Wesselink

Read the full poem here: The Four Ages by Howard Nemerov
Meaning of the word Swivel: The term swivel has a variety of meanings. Aspects for almost every meaning are the turning or moving of a part, a cable entry, a provision for passing cables through a wall [..]