Choreographical description #1

Three people: boy (1), girl (2), and boy (3), are walking along the shoreline with their eyes on the ground in front of them. They see something in the ankle-high water, and they stand still. A circle is formed around the thing. Their feet shoulder wide apart, knees bent at an angle of 65 degrees, and all their hands dangle beside their hips.

3 Puts his left heel in the sand and turns a circle around his axis. When he is in his beginning position, they bend all a little bit more until their knees have an angle of 60 degrees. 1 Brings his right hand into the water, makes small slow circles a couple of times, and pulls his hands back. 3 Turns around, walks three steps to the right, and returns to the circle. 2 Lightly touches her right hand with her right knee. They walk, all three together, in a line, to the right, along the shoreline.