The idea originated when an ant moved over my body. In the performance, six people, from different generations and backgrounds closely follow the path of the ant across the body with their eyes and bodies. A new movement vocabulary arises, not from thoughts or concepts, but through the path of the ant on the surface of the skin. The ant clearly indicates in its movements where the skin and thus the wearer of the ant stops and space begins. A new space full of possibilities is created. As a spectator you are surprised by six people who study their bodies alienatingly. It feels like you have stepped into a space that is not entirely made for the eyes of a spectator. It demonstrates intimacy between the performer and his body.


Performers:  Anne van Balen, Thijs Bloothoofd, Mandey Bullard,  Maaike Kleissen, Janne Bless, Vera Goetzee, Marthy Hecker and Jelle Straatsma. 

Camera and editting: Clementine van der Bent
Music: Bart de Kroon