Borders don't exist when you don't see them

2019 | Sign2, Groningen and Knockvologan Studies, Mull, Scotland
Solo exhibition and performance




'Frogs in Scotland behave differently than frogs in Groningen, as the landscape is different. Every piece of land that we inhabit has its own ecosystem, its own dynamic that most people no longer observe in their daily lives. I would like to make people aware of this. How each piece of earth has its own quality.'


During a trip to Scotland, Clarinde became fascinated with the behavior of frogs – amphibious creatures that can live in water and on land. She found out that frogs won’t notice you when you aren’t moving – for a frog’s perspective, you don’t exist when you’re not moving. Ondicht was a research project about movement, and the main question whether we can learn about the concepts of space and motion from the perspective of a frog. In May and June of this year I have been conducting my motion research on frogs at Knockvologan Studies in Mull, Sotland and at Sign2 projectspace in Groningen. It resulted in a solo exhibition and performance at Sign2.

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Visit the Knockvologan Studies website for more information about the residence in Scotland.

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This project was made possible by the Mondriaan Fund