We are constantly being flung back and forth in our heads. We often live in our minds in such a way that we forget that we also have bodies. Clarinde Wesselink tried to capture this recognizable sensation in Head Stone, a portable experience-sculpture that is attached around your head. The work consists of headgear to which a long thin rod is connected with various small stones. As you walk, the rod and stones have the power to literally swing your head back and forth, just as our thoughts do figuratively. This way you are challenged to stay in the here and now. The surface on which we move suddenly feels bumpier than it normally does. It is never really flat and therefore we move into a constant state of motion. Head Stone teaches us to listen more emphatically to what our environment tells us, which means that we must remain in the present. We feel the earth at our feet and the air around us, forcing our heads to stay quiet.


Camera and editing: Clementine van der Bent

Editing: Fanny Hagmeijer

Performer: Clarinde Wesselink