People resemble buildings. In times of crisis, they support each other and lean on each other. Individual weaknesses are converted into a joint force. At times of crisis, loss can be turned into something strong, something rock-solid, such as cast concrete. Inspired by an interaction with the American performance artist Simone Forti in Berlin, Buildings was first performed in the former Bijlmer Bajes, in Lola Lik, a temporary home for artists just a stone's throw away from where Syrian asylum seekers have tried to settle in The Netherlands. This performance also shows how Wesselink's work is connected to a diverse city such as Amsterdam. No matter how dreary a building such as the Bijlmer Bajes may seem, it is still a place where people can support and hold each other. The specially designed textile suits that Wesselink made for Buildings also connect various people in unexpected ways. Differences disappear temporarily, people reinforce each other like the walls and floors of a building.


Camera and editing: Clementine van der Bent

Camera: Lourens Lente

Music: Bart de Kroon
Performers: Ella Jonker, Clay Hamilton, Daniel Fernandez, Lisa Frey, Maria Michailidou, Suzanne Schaaf, Lisa Brandenburg and Sophia Maria Kienhuis


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