Our bodies glue moments together

2018 | The Amsterdam Forest, Amsterdam

Video loop | Noise | English subtitles

'Reality is like water forming and distorting around us.'

Two bodies lay in water, literally with their heads connected together. As if they have one backbone. Yet the bodies move separately from each other. They can't see each other, but they can feel each other. Looking at the sky above. If one of them goes in a different direction, the other is always pulled along. Every movement is a compromise between the two of them. A reflection of the relationship they have with each other. In every moment there is a new choice as to how they can continue together.

Body-Body is also a scene from the film Horizon-tale (2018).

Camera and editing: Clementine van der Bent

Editing: Fanny Hagmeijer
Camera: Lourens Lente

Music: Bart de Kroon

Performers: Iris van Vliet and Janne Bless