My curiosity has to lead me to instinctive research of the body and space: to be surprised by my own hands and what they touch. I examine the body as a border between our inner and outer world, as a membrane. I am fascinated by the permeability of this membrane. I keep asking myself how we can influence it to create new, more sensitive and more intensive relationships with our outside world. The method of exploration and questioning that my drawings, films and performances embody is concentrated on experience as the way we are connected to the world. My artistic give rise to uncover an experience rather than the way that experience may be expressed. With the eyes of a choreographer, I am guided by rhythms, forms, and movements coming from nature. Nature has emerged without human intervention; entering into a relationship with nature makes us part of something that transcends us. In the performances and films that I make bodies are visible and spoke in their own language both to space and to each other. In doing this, my eyes are directed to the future how are we going to shape our relationships in public space with each other now that contact is increasingly online and virtual? How can I further shape the body as a membrane between inside and outside?