I see the body as a border between our inner and outer world, as a membrane. I am fascinated by the permeability of this membrane. As PHYSICAL PHILOSOFER, I ask myself how we can influence it to create new, more sensitive and more intensive relationships with our outside world. In doing this, my eyes are directed to the future. How do we shape our relationships in public space with each other now that contact is increasingly online and virtual?


The method of exploration and questioning that my artistic research embodies is concentrated on experience as a way we are connected to the world. My investigations give rise to uncover an experience.

I grew up in the countryside with horses. I got to know my body in a different way by incorporating the rhythm in which the body moves on the horse's back and the physical ways in which the horse communicates. I no longer experienced my body as only a human being, but also as a part of a horse. That experience and the landscape are still vividly engraved in my memory. Since then, I have been fascinated by the relationship between space, body and movement.

My drawings unpack my thoughts and have the ability to map my internal logic. It brings closure to my initial performance and films, in which bodies are visible and speak their own languages to space and each other. Central are the movements in my choreographies that every person can make with his or her body.  I want every person to identify with the body they are looking at. In this way, I convey this bodily experience in its full potential where the body operates as a membrane between inside and outside.